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Support Staff

Stephanie Wilstead : Reading Para

Stephanie Wilstead | Reading Para

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Danielle Wright : Recess Duty

Danielle Wright | Recess Duty

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Anthony Hardy : Custodian

Anthony Hardy | Custodian

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Nick White : Technology Specialist

Nick White | Technology Specialist

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Mckenna Little : Kitchen Staff

Mckenna Little | Kitchen Staff

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Kirsten Prisbrey : Health and Safety Assistant

Kirsten Prisbrey | Health and Safety Assistant

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Druscilla Tauiliili : Librarian

Druscilla Tauiliili | Librarian

My Email: druscilla.tauilili@washk12.org

Website: majestic.washk12.org

Jennifer Woodson : Lunch Services Manager

Jennifer Woodson | Lunch Services Manager

My Email: jennifer.woodson@washk12.org

Website: majestic.washk12.org

Carla Gillins : kitchen Staff

Carla Gillins | kitchen Staff

My Email: Carla.Gillins@washk12.org

Website: majestic.washk12.org

Mackenzie Larson : Computer Aide

Mackenzie Larson | Computer Aide

My Email: Mackenzie.Larson@washk12.org

Website: majestic.washk12.org

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