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Kwincey Barnson : Kindergarten

Kwincey Barnson | Kindergarten

My Email: kwincy.barnson@washk12.org

Sherrie Olson : Kindergarten Teacher

Sherrie Olson | Kindergarten Teacher

My Email: sherrie.olson@washk12.org

Cassie Wilkes : Kindergarten

Cassie Wilkes | Kindergarten

My Email: cassandra.wilkes@washk12.org

I Graduated from DSU
I love teaching reading.
My favorite teacher growing up is a tie between Mr. Howell and Mrs. Pullan.
My favorite book is any of the Harry Potter books. I love JK Rowling.
I love teaching because I like to see the growth that my students can
make. Watching kids overcome things they couldn't do before is very
I love art, if I am being general. Creating things is what I can't get
enough of.
Two things I tell my students, "Mistakes are proof you are trying."
and, "You can do hard things." I always have to remind myself these
things, too. Life is challenging and in order to learn and grow, we
have to struggle a bit.

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